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Burma Open art Exhibition

Rikshospitalet Jan 11th-Feb 14th 2016

The Exhibition

Sales information

50% of profit from eventual sales will be donated to charity. More information Jan 15th.

About the exhibition

Pål Sundsøy and Christian Tronstad traveled together in Burma fall 2013. With Pål's background in photographic art and Christian's oil painting, the impressions have culminated in an art exhibition.

Traveling to remote areas off the beaten track, the realism in the people's true faces are captured. The rich culture and vast landscapes of Burma are taken from adventurous vantage points and transferred to the canvas by means of digital photo art and classical oil painting.
Together, the pictures provide different aspects of Burma represented in a combination of artistic styles.
Out of many travels to different parts of the world, they rate Burma as by far the most exotic place they have visited. Pricelist for Photoart (Pål)
Pricelist for Oil paintings (Christian)

Myanmar in 2 minutes - by Pål Sundsøy

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Who is behind the exhibition?

Get to know them.

Pål visiting a village outside Bago
Pål Sundsøy
Pål is a researcher and self-learned photographer. He enjoys to visit places that are not well documented when it comes to good images and videography. Among the 60 countries he has visited, he rates Burma as #1. He has written three photography books: Myanmar - A Photographic Journey (2015), The secret to razor sharp pictures (2013), Sunset Photography (2012)

Bagan: Christian painting on top of pagoda
Christian Tronstad
Christian is a researcher who has taken up painting as a hobby, learning the ways of classical oil painting. He combines the interests of travel and art by painting based on sketches and photographies from travels. He has studied with Reidar Finsrud and Jan-Ove Tuv.

What is worldsenser.com?

Worldsenser.com was established by Pål Sundsøy and Christian Tronstad in January 2016. Worldsenser shows contemporary art featuring people and cultures from around the world. The goal is to make the art (1) open (through public galleries for free) and (2) promote human development through by giving to charity
More information will be available soon. We appreciate any feedback.


Burma Exhibition


Jan 11th to Feb 14th 2016